• Hi there I am mandatory to use ADSL with it comes internet, IPTV and telephony. The ISP uses PPPoA, so I have to use "something" that can do PPPoA to PPPoE to use pfSense. For this I use the Draytek Vigor 130 as it can bridge PPPoA to PPPoE and it does it really nicely, but how can I get telephone line (SIP) to work.

    Anyone any thoughts,

    Cheers Qinn

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    It's replacing some all-in-one ISP device I assume? Probably have to see how that connects the VoIP part. I'd be surprised if there is nothing about that detailed somewhere already. Who are the ISP?


  • @Qinn said in ADSL and SIP:

    The ISP uses PPPoA

    for Internet, right? But what about other services? I guess they may use multiple VPI/VCI pairs to provide various services. Potentially they may use IPoA over some another VPI/VCI pair to provide VoIP, etc. I would start from identifying the VPI/VCI pairs and encapsulation protocols used.
    So, the general approach is to bridge each outside ATM connection (identified with VPI/VCI pair) with either a VLAN or a physical port on ADSL modem. The further should be pretty straight forward with any router.

  • Both thanks for your reply, as I read the ISP forum I came across info that tells the ISP uses vpi/vci 8/48 for internet and vpi/vci 8/71 for IPTV, but I cannot seem to find anything about how they port telephone on this adsl line. The only thing I see in the logs of there all-in-one device is a connection to a SIP how can I analyze what vpi/vci this uses or is it just a client in the ISP router that logs in the SIP server? What I have accomplished is

    Internet----Draytek vigor 130 modem in PPPoA/PPPoE bridge mode----pfSense

    But then I cannot connect my phones. Maybe if I put the ISP-all-in-one router in the LAN of pfSense it maybe connects to the providers SIP and I could then connect my phone to the all-in-one device.

    Cheers Qinn

  • @Qinn, if there is no separate PVC for voice, I would assume that they use Internet connection also for voice, so just try accessing their SIP server with any SIP-client. Even if you don't know your SIP password you should be able to see server response [if it is reachable over this connection]. No relation to pfSense yet.

  • @AndrewZ I don't know if there is a permanent virtual circuit for voice.

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