PPPoE server enhancements

  • I'm looking at adding several features to mpd, which handles PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP.
    Bandwidth shaping is the first thing.
    Free traffic zones are probably the next.

    I'm looking for other suggestions. For example:
    Multiple PPPoE servers
    Multiple PPPoE servers per interface
    Microsoft PPPoE MPPC compression

  • I would suggest for shaping you use ng_car which would seem the natural choice and do not cumber with the other ways on using scripts….etc.
    If you want you can clone freely on rcs.pfsense.org and use your clone for development so other devs can give you suggestion on the way.

  • If uses want to set up rules themselves thats ok.

    I was going to start with the internal RADIUS driven ng_bpf/ng_carr functionality of mpd5, so that mpd could be fed bandwidth restrictions from radius.
    To me this seems like the most logical start.
    Any reason not to go to mpd5 pre freeBSD8?

  • I think mpd4 has the same ng_car/ng_bpf as mpd5 does.
    The main reason is that you will see benefits of mpd5 only in FreeBSD 8.

  • I have started making modifications to the FreeRadius package, to add options for up/down bandwidth (radius mpd-limit), and free traffic zones / multiple accounting zones (mpd-filter) as well as per user firewall rules.
    I haven't quite figured out the best way to show this in the gui, as it could get very complicated having multiple areas where rules are applied (in mpd/radius and the normal firewall rules.)

    Also, to really make this work I need to implement groups, otherwise you will need to create rules for each user one at a time. (This is why I asked to question in http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,16073.0.html )

    One major problem is that currently none of the queues show up on the traffic queues status page. I don't know if I should add a new page ( Real time per user bandwidth seems to be requested a lot) Comments?

    Also I might create a new thread in the development section so users can track changes, as these changes don't just affect PPPoE, but L2TP and PPTP as well.

  • I am very interested in what you're doing.  I will be following you.

  • i am also interested. could you give us more info on the state of this project?

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