Simple policy based routing problem (but annoying…)

  • I think my problem is quite stupid since most of the people don't have problems with policy based routing!

    I have 2 wans (dsl modems) and 2 lans. Policy based routing is working for default LAN ( when i choose either of the gateways i have internet) but for the optional interface (lan2) i have internet only when i choose default gateway (*).

    Am i missing some rules in NAT or sth else? Anyone, please help :)

    Thanks in advance

  • On any OPT Lan using a OPT Wan you have to have a rule on top that gives you access to the OPT Lan interface adresse using the default gateway.

    Static route for OPT Wan to it's DNS is also needed.

    I use a "Only pfSense DNS is allowed" rule

  • Thank you. I'll try it now.

    Where is this quote from? Can u send me a link so i can read the whole topic? I tried a search in the forum… but nothing came up

  • If you search with following keyword "on any opt" you'll find it

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