Using FreeBSD as a DHCP server

  • I'm trying to use native FreeBSD as a DHCP server and would like to disable the DHCP service in pfSense, but disabling DHCP requires the Resolver to be disabled and if I do that I lose Internet access. What do I need to install/configure on FreeBSD to disable DHCP on pfSense?

  • On your Resolver tab under services.. Make sure that-

    "DHCP Registration"


    "Static DHCP"

    Is not checked.

  • @Balanga


    What happens if you uncheck Enable DHCP server on LAN interface on the LAN interface? Doesn't that turn off the dhcp server? Also, why do you want to use native FreeBSD? What does that get you?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    There are lots of things you could do with running your dhcpd on another box, if that is what they want.. Be it windows, freebsd, linux, etc. etc.. That you can not do with pfsense dhcpd instance.. Multiple scopes without having to have leg in the network for one thing.. Reservations inside the pool range, etc.

    While the dhcpd setup in pfsense is easy to use and has easy to use gui, etc. Not all the features of running say isc dhcpd on some other os or box..

    But turning off dhcpd on pfsense has zero to do with running unbound (resolver)...

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