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  • Hi,

    I have two Iptv services that works through Nordvpn one make use of the dutch vpn and the other through the france vpn

    One Will not work with the dutch vpn and the other Cannot work with the france vpn.
    I have tried to make a rule with a destination address so if the connection goes to xxxx then he has to use the Dutch vpn and the other xxxx trough the Dutch vpn but this is not working.
    How can I this ??

    Thanks in advance

    Ps I make use of one android box


  • Don't know, what you've done. You have to add a policy routing rule for each Iptv.
    Each vpn has to have an interface assigned at first.

  • Hi I have tried to make a rule for each iptv connection

    But I will not work I don’t know if this is possible


  • Yes, it should work that way. However, you have to put up these rules to the top, at least above of the source = 'LAN net' rule.
    The rules are checked from the top to the bottom of the rule set. If one matches it is applied and others are ignored.

  • @viragomann

    I think that the problem is that I use one box with one IP address and want to switch the use off the gateway depending on the iptv connection that I use
    So it will not work yet do I have to make a special nat rule too ??

    Thanks in advance !!

  • That's hokey! That works with only one source IP as well as long as the destination addresses are different.

    The criteria for applying a rule are IP version, protocol, source address, source port, destination address and destination port. If any of these doesn't match, the rule will not be applied and pfSense checks the next one.

    So put your rules in the correct order and it will work as expected.

  • Thank you I look in to it further

    Greets snellie

  • What am I doing wrong I have created aliases with destinations address but the rules are not working!

    Thanks snellie

  • Do you have some floating rules defined?

    Also consider that you have to reset states if of the IPTVs after moving around the rules, otherwise that doesn't influence already existing connections.

  • Hi,

    And no I have no floating rules and also I reset the states everytime I tried but nothing works.

    Greetz snellie

  • That's really strange. You VPN connections are up both?

    What's happening exactly? Go the IPTVs out the WAN or do the fail?

  • Goodmorning,

    The rules are not being read so the connections uses the default wan it is indeed very strange

    Thanks Snellie

  • Did you reset the states or restart pfSense as suggested above?

  • Yes I did it al:-)

  • BEDA0D28-FC2D-400F-9C74-0B8BB297399E.png

  • This rule works but without destination so for all vpn connections it will use the same gateway

    NlVPN rule

    It looks like he Will not read the rules with a destinations host

    Thank in advance


  • And your VPN gateways are up?

    You can check System > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Skip rules when gateway is down to aviod skipping the rules when the gateways are down.

    For investigating I'd enable logging in all your rules and check the firewall log after to find out, which rule is applied for the upstream packets.

  • @viragomann

    Hi thank you for your anwser i know that every vpn connection use it own interface.

    What i did was making a rule destination based so the destination for one iptv connection i use the gateway vpn France and the iptv one vpn Dutch.
    I was expecting that when i use ons iptv connection it will use the vpn France gateway and the other ons the Dutch vpn gateway but this wil not Work.
    Thank you i will check that

    Greetz snelllie

  • Hi,

    The gateways are up and running so that is not the problem

    Greetings snellie

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