Problem: pfsense, host-adapter,Lan

  • Hi,

    I have set up a lab according to Tony Robinson's specs in "Building Machine Labs".

    I have pfsense set up in Virtualbox with 3 interfaces:
    -WAN (bridged adapter)
    -LAN (Host-only)
    -OPT1 (internal network)

    The interface IP addresses are as follows:
    WAN =
    LAN =
    OPT =

    The Host-Only Network Card is set to:
    The VM(Ubuntu Server) I'm running on that network is statically assigned in pfsense to

    The problem I'm having is that even with ALL firewall rules allowed on the LAN interface (I've also tried it with the book's specific firewall rules), the VM (Ubuntu Server) cannot connect to the internet. According to the book, it is supposed to be able to use the gateway to use DNS and HTTPS. However, it's not working. It sounds so simple, but I've really combed through the book and can't find a solution.

    I've racked my brain over this for 3-4 days now. If anyone has any ideas, please lord help. XD

  • Solved: Although a valuable tool for training, this book is poorly written. My problem was that I never set up a SQUID proxy server so that the host-only network could communicate through the gateway. What bothers me is that the book suggests in the chapter setting the SIEM vm up that you didn't necessarily HAVE TO set the squid proxy up. LIES. Like it went out if it's way to throw me off. XD Anyone else searching for this solution, here it is.

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