pfSense dig requests to OpenDNS route through WAN but requests to google route through PIA OpenVPN gateway

  • EDIT: This has been fixed. There were a couple of odd static routes in the routing table - one with destination was using the OpenVPN PIA gateway. That's half the Internet if I am not mistaken.

    Checking Don't pull routes in the OpenVPN client settings removed the routes and routing from pfSense seems to be working correctly now.
    Strange problem...

    I have two gateways...

    • WAN has a dynamic IP w/ public IP address => A.A.A.A

    • OpenVPN client to PIA w/ public IP address => B.B.B.B

    One subnet is configured with PIA as its gateway. The other subnets use the WAN. Network clients all work fine. The problem is pfSense itself.

    Sending a dig from the pfSense shell to OpenDNS like the following...

    dig +short

    returns the WAN public IP address: A.A.A.A

    However, sending a dig from the shell to Google DNS like the following:

    dig TXT +short

    returns the PIA public IP address: B.B.B.B

    This only happens when the OpenVPN client service is running. When it is stopped, the dig to Google DNS returns A.A.A.A

    Again, all network clients appear to be routed correctly. Any suggestions?

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