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    My ISP Give Bandwidth 20 mbs normal and 20 mbs social(e.g youtube fb etc) and i wont to give my user 2mbs normal and 2 mbs social bandwidth .can any one tell me what i do for its in Pf sens.

  • To do anything like this, you have to use software that can filter either based on traffic ports, or application fingerprints. pfsense can do the port filtering by default. But, since "social" traffic flows over normal HTTP/HTTPS ports, filtering that way is pretty much useless.

    So, you have to use some add-on software in pfsense. The Snort filtering package offers application aware OpenAppID filtering.

    Read about it here:

    Be aware, using a system like this is not for the feint-of-heart, and could be a difficult task. Do your homework first, before deploying this on your pfsense firewall.


  • Hello!

    Maybe delay pools in the squid package?


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