Warnings in syslog

  • Hi

    every 10 seconds I get the following entry in my syslog
    fe80:1::211:32ff:feab:38b9 to fe80:1::1411:32ff:feb3:25ae nxt 58 received on igb0

    I searched and foind similar topics in this forum and it seems to be a local link caused by a device on my network. So I started to locate the source by disconnecting one port after the other on my 24p switch and finally found it to by my Synology Mesh router pair.

    It's not a connected WiCi client as I disconnected them all and the problem persists. I have even disconnected the Mesh pair and that was the solution, mean if I let both router (2600ac and 2200ac) independently they stop trying to connect a host outside my network every 10 sec.
    But as soon as I re-establish the wireless uplink between the 2 the syslog entries appear again.

    It looks like synology has no solution and I have no idea why the routers try this channel.

    But is there a way to stop the firewall logging this or is there anything else I can do as it's very annoying

    Many thanks

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sounds like a similar issue to what happens when devices use NIC teaming or similar to impersonate one another's addresses in non-standard ways.

    I don't see a sysctl to affect that directly but you might try adjusting the value of the net.inet6.ip6.log_interval tunable. You can make an entry for it under System > Advanced on the tunables tab. It controls the number of seconds between log messages. So you could maybe try -1 or 0 to disable, or a much higher value so it happens less frequently (e.g. 120, 3600, 86400...)

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