Unable to SSH to VM in LAN from the internet

  • Currently I am having an issue where I cannot SSH to a machine in my LAN/VLAN network. Though if I enable SSH on PFsense I can perfectly connect to it.
    For testing I have rules set on any any but still no luck. I am doing this based on IPv6.

    here is a screenshot about the status:
    a6b4cb60-cdf8-4f7a-a61d-61303d962c47-afbeelding.png 51111081-6163-4e1f-bbab-8491c95ff882-afbeelding.png

  • I think it's being blocked by the default deny rule. Make a rule on that VLAN3_HB interface for tcp port 22 and set it to accept.

    If you assign a new interface there aren't any rules applied to it so everything will be blocked by default. Also if the machine your connecting to is on another segment make sure a firewall rule that will let that traffic pass is applied.

    I assume ssh to pfsense is working because pfsense has anti lockout rules for local ssh managment.

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