One NIC, Two Default gateways

  • On my OPT1 interface I have currently got it setup to have a default gateway for one of the two DSL routers that are on that subnet (RFC1918 subnet). I would like to add the secound DSL router as an additional default gateway but not sure if this is possible and if I could gain any benefit without adding an additional NIC (I don't have VLAN support in the switching network)

    To me Two NICs are wasteful as both NICs would connect to the same single point of failure infrastructure I don't feel its giving me much other than additional Internet bandwidth and to use this I do not need another NIC.

    so can I have two gateways from the same subnet on the same NIC?


  • No.
    The loadbalancing in pfSense does not work directly with multiple gateways.
    Essentially you create a loadbalancing pool and assign multiple gateways to such a pool.
    Then set as default gateway this pool.

    You can't add multiple gateways in the same subnet directly.
    But with a little hack it's possible.


    1: Create a balancing pool and add a dummy-entry.
    2: Download the config.xml and find the part with the info you add.
    3: Copy/Paste your dummy entry and fill in the real gateway/monitor IPs.

    As monitoring IP use one of the immediate hops on your ISP's side.
    You cannot have the same monitoring IP for different WANs.

    4: Restore the config.xml.


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