Multiple IPs for one DNS entry in unbound resolver override

  • We use the unbound resoler overrides as internal DNS.

    I would want to configure a pool of hosts as one DNS entry, with several IPs as result, so the internal client would connect to any of the pool servers. Yet the host override does not allow multiple IPs.

    I saw the topic "Services/DNS Resolver add host override with multiple ip addresses?" from 2016 which basically asks for the same thing, but with no solution.

    My issue could be resolved setting up a loadbalancer on the pfsense, but it seems like overkill for such a simple topic.

    Is it possible to enter multiple IPs per DNS name somehow?


  • I "solved" the issue by enableling custom options on "Services > DNS Resolver > General Settings" and entering the IPs in the following way:

    local-data: " A"
    local-data: " A"
    local-data: " A"

    It's not nice, but it works.

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