How to set boot up display resolution ?

  • Hopefully a simple question....

    I'm a complete newbie to FreeBSD, my background is with Debian/Ubuntu/Mint.

    I've installed pfsense on a Wyse Z90D7 box. When I power up, if I do nothing the video display briefly shows the power up activity, then is completely scrambled. I have no video monitors (I have quite a few) that will display anything usable.

    If I hit the Escape key, then type 'gop set 3', press Enter, then type 'boot' and press Enter, I get a usable display that boots to the console menu. How do I do this automatically ? I've seen comments about editing /boot/rc.conf and /boot/loader.rc.local etc. but cannot see how to do this from pfsense.

    Can someone please provide (very) simple instructions for sorting this problem, or point me to some instructions to achieve this ?

    Thanks in advance

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