Error updating SG-1100 2.4.4_p3 to 2.4.5.r.20200226.2100

  • Hello!

    The update fails with the following error:

    7538588:error:14099006:SSL routines:ssl3_send_client_verify:EVP lib:/usr/local/poudriere/jails/pfSense_factory-v2_4_5_aarch64/usr/src/crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_clnt.c:3299:
    7538588:error:14099044:SSL routines:ssl3_send_client_verify:internal error:/usr/local/poudriere/jails/pfSense_factory-v2_4_5_aarch64/usr/src/crypto/openssl/ssl/s3_clnt.c:3266:
    pkg-static:,1.txz: Authentication error

  • Hello!

    After waiting a bit, I ran the upgrade again, and that time it succeeded. The unit appears to the functioning normally.
    I looked through the /conf/upgrade_log.* files, but wasnt able to determine exactly why it failed the first time and worked the next.

    There were a couple of errors in the install log, but I dont know if they are expected or not :

    Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '' (tried: /usr/local/lib/php/20170718/ ( Shared object "" not found, required by ""), /usr/local/lib/php/20170718/ ( Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/php/20170718/")) in Unknown on line 0

    I can provide the logs if they would be helpful.


  • Netgate Administrator

    That's a known issue and is harmless. But thanks for reporting it anyway.


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