Block Internet if Squidguard not running

  • I am new to pfSense, and have rarly used SquidGuard, looking to change over from IPCop/DansGuardian. I am wonder if there is a way to block web browsing if the SquidGuard service is stopped or goes down on it's own. I have tried to stop the service, and the internet is wide open with no filtering. is this a possiblity?

    Thanks for any help.

  • In SquidGuard gui uncheck ENABLE field and Save/Apply

  • I have done that to Stop the SquidGuard, but at that point all internet is open, and there is no content filtering. My concern is that this is going in place at a school, if SquidGuard stops on it's own, or is stopped for some reason, staff and students will now be able to go anywhere on the web without being filtered. I was hoing that if SquidGuard was stopped, the box would not let ANY web traffic out. This way if SquidGuard is not running for some reason, staff and students would not get internet access till SquidGuard was back up and running.

  • Try re-install the package see if it works. Also it is located in Services <you can="" stop="" run="" it="" there="">jigp
    Davao City</you>

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