Bind DNS Package Zones Not Working?

  • I installed the Bind DNS server package, I currently having it running on an alternate port for testing as a replacement for Unbound. However I can't get any Zones loaded. I created 3 slave zones and a master zone. None of those zones exist in the /cf/named/etc/namedb/named.conf file. There also don't appear to be any zone files anywhere in the /cf/named directory tree for it to point to. It appears that the GUI is not creating the zone configurations. Test queries resolve external domains through the root hints, but I am unable to resolve any of the slave zones or the master zone.

  • Never Mind, found the problem even though I don't need multiple views, they setup the GUI so that you still have to create one view, and put the zone in that view before it creates the Zone configuration file and links it in the named.conf.

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