Register a local computer name to DNS server

  • Hi I got two computer in my network that connected to my PFsense and they are in different VLAN. However I want to access the share folder from each other by name but it didn't work.

    So I was wondering if I could register both of my computer on DNS server, everytime i want to access the computer DNS can help to resolve the name for it.

  • @jasonli

    Yes, that's the purpose of a DNS server. Just add the computers, with IP address to the Host Overides, on the Resolver or Forwarder pages.

  • I tried to put my hostname under the Host overides section but it required to put in a domain. I think thats for translating websites.

  • @jasonli

    A DNS server requires both host and domain names. Do you not have a domain name you can use? If necessary, you can even use the domain name your ISP assigns you.

  • @jasonli said in Register a local computer name to DNS server:

    Hi I got two computer in my network that connected to my PFsense and ....

    .... and are these PC's using the default DHCP client ?
    If this :


    is checked, the PC's device name will get registered into the "DNS local host file" (see the /etc/hosts) and the DHCP status page, the log page.

    Now you can use that host name, try with simple ping hostname.
    The hostname will get - should be - resolved to at least an IPv4.

    That is, if you use the default pfSense resolver settings.

    If this is set as :


    you can also ping to


    which should resolve to the same IPv4.

    Btw : if the PC is on another network, thus another interface, firewall rules on pfSense should be set up to let pass the wanted traffic such as ICMP (= "ping protocol"), TCP and UDP (could be limited to ports if you know them all).

  • I figured out what happened to it because all of my servers are using static ip address and I haven't put the static ip address under the DHCP static mapping on the DHCP server page.Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 10.37.02 AM.png
    After I typed in all the static ip address on the DHCP server and define the hostname for it, I am able to access the shared folder using the hostname i defined.

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