Ark server

  • Hello, I am having trouble with my Ark game server. i have my NAT's setup with pure nat reflection from WAN to my internal server. I can access the server internally, but cannot transfer through the cluster. Steam cannot see the servers, and when I connect my client to the a network outside of my LAN i cannot connect. I have uploaded screens of config. please help!

    Edit: for some reason, I do not think that pure nat is working. I have a mail server, and nextcloud server that ONLY works with nat + proxy, which if nat+proxy is working, but pure nat is not, then I am unable to forward UDP packets right?





  • Netgate Administrator

    The NAT reflection mode will make no difference to clients connecting externally or to the server itself connecting out.

    Do you see traffic blocked in the firewall log?

    Do you see oncoming states opened to the server?


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