ESXi -> PFsense IPv4 works but IPv6 not

  • I recently went back to VMware ESXi as I had too much struggle with XCP-NG and Proxmox due to networking. With ESXi I had everything running within 1,5 hours where as with the other 2 software packages I had needed whole weekends to accomplish the same.

    But unfortunately I have ran into an issue with dualstack. Currently I only have 1 public IPv4 address and alot of IPv6 addressen.
    The only problem I have is that I cannot ping to the internet from the PFsense VM WAN side with IPv6 while IPv4 does... Bit strange...
    Though I can reach the ESXi control panel with IPv6, so I am wondering what is going on here. Why I can't go to the internet from the WAN interface of PFsense but can with IPv4... Maybe someone can help me with this?

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