Lower subscription tier and/or "community patron" tier for pfSense / Netgate?

  • I just installed pfSense 2.4.4 on a new PC Engines APU2E4 box. Smooth sailing, no problems whatsoever. Amazing to have enterprise-class firewall features at an extremely low hardware cost, with the non-paid community edition of pfSense.

    I'd like to contribute $$ to Netgate to support the ongoing development and maintenance of pfSense but neither need nor can I afford the lowest level of annual support subscription.

    Has Netgate considered offering maybe 1 or 2 "community patron" tiers which would allow appreciative Community-Edition users to contribute a one-time or ongoing annual amount to show support for pfSense?

    Maybe it's structured as 2 fixed tiers at $50 and $150 a year, or maybe it's left open to the user to decide, i.e. $20 minimum.

  • LAYER 8

  • @kiokoman , nice. Thanks!

    I donated $100 directly to the BSD Foundation instead.

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