IPSEC Mobile VPN routing all traffic down another IPSEC tunnel.

  • Hi,

    Just wondering if what I want to do is feasible, as my attempts so far haven't worked.

    I have 2 firewalls on different sites, I wish to:-

    Have an IPSEC Mobile VPN in to 'Site-A' - I currently have this set up to route all traffic ( - Virtual IP Subnet) down the tunnel I can egress out of this firewall via NAT (which works fine - however I don't wish to do this).

    I would like to route all this traffic ( down another already existing IPSEC tunnel between 'Site-A' and 'Site-B' whereby it can route out internet traffic via a gateway.

    I added a P2 (L) <--> (R) to 'Site-A'
    and a P2 (L) <--> (R) to 'Site-B'

    to an already existing tunnel however this is where things started to fall apart - affecting other SA's on the tunnel..

    Any ideas as to where I'm going wrong?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Is the site-to-site tunnel using IKEv2? If so, check the "split connections" box in the P1 settings.

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