OpenVPN adds too much to ping

  • I have OpenVPN Access Server on AWS Lightsail servers. I see 44ms between myself and server. When I connect to VPN I see much ping sometimes. If I close and reopen VPN connection ping is decreasing or increasing. I see sometimes 40ms, mostly 53ms during ping to OpenVPN Access Server.

    From myself to Lightsail: 44ms
    From Lightsail to myself: 44ms
    From myself to Lightsail             while OpenVPN connected: 44ms (
    From myself to OpenVPN Access Server while OpenVPN connected: 53ms (

  • What is the issue here? Is the difference between 44ms and 53ms ping a concern for you? All those numbers look normal to my untrained eye. Are you trying to trace down some other issue and suspecting latency through the VPN?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sounds like OP's question is about OpenVPN Access Server and doesn't have anything to do with pfSense. I moved the thread to the category for off-topic discussion in case someone does care to answer.

    That said, OP should probably seek help from the actual OpenVPN forum or OpenVPN support, not pfSense.

  • The ping depends on how far the server is from your location. So lets say your in turkey and connect to a server in germany, youre likely to get a good ping but not is you connect to melbourne

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