DNS Queries forwarded to active directory DNS Server does not find records

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    the goal i want to archive is that I could resolve IP-Adresses for hostnames of internal servers. For these szenario I have an Active Directory up and running, which also comes as a DNS Server. If I query an hostname using the internal DNS Server, everything looks fine:

    C:\Users\sschabbach>nslookup duplo
    Server:  milka.corp.fluent-software.vio
    Name:    duplo.corp.fluent-software.vio

    where is the ip adress of the DNS Server.

    If I do the same from the DNS Forwarder/Resolver in pfSense I got the following output:

    C:\Users\sschabbach>nslookup duplo
    Server:  bounty.corp.fluent-software.vio
    *** bounty.corp.fluent-software.vio can't find duplo: Non-existent domain

    For information is the internal ip address from one of the LAN interfaces.

    Name server 	Query time	17 msec	23 msec	23 msec	22 msec	23 msec	8248 msec

    From the DNS Diagnostics I see that it takes much time to query the internal DNS Server, but if I query the DNS Server directly everything seems smoothly.

    Any ideas on that?
    Kind regards,

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    @fluentsoftware said in DNS Queries forwarded to active directory DNS Server does not find records:

    nslookup duplo

    duplo is not a fqdn... No shit your having issues with resolving it... query


    your nslookup is adding the domain for you... set debug on it and see for yourself..

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    and for sure this dns servers known nothing about your local zone : 23 msec 23 msec 22 msec 23 msec

  • Under the DNS Resolver settings, under Domain Overrides, add your Windows domain and Windows DNS servers.

  • Wow, pretty nice support in a very little amount of time. The Trick with the Domain Overrides works well.
    Could anyone tell me what the Domain overrides does?

    Kind regards,

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    domain override forward all queries for that domain to the specified IP (it's already written in the description, i don't know what else can be added)
    The IP address is treated as the authoritative lookup server for the domain (including all of its subdomains), and other lookup servers will not be queried

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