Would editing the config.xml void a support contract ?

  • Just a question. 
    I'm working on something to update the <filter>section and wondering if that'd get me into a stituation where commercial support wouldn't help me ?
    Also long as the xml was correct, it should be OK right ?</filter>

  • I would say as they get paid by the hour they wouldn't care unless your doing stupid things.  But you should of cause inform them of the changes your have made so they can determent if it has relevant to a given problem. But you really should email them supportinfo (at) pfsense.org and ask.

    If you have a great idea and your coding skills are good and you wish to share it might even enter the base system. That could be easier for you in the long run.

  • Typically support doesn't cover user-customized versions of pfSense.  If you are up-front about what you've done so that your modifications can be ruled out as the source of any issues you are having, that's another story entirely, but if you're customizing the filter itself, there's a good chance that what you're doing could be the source of breakages.

  • OK. Thank you for responses so far and I'll shoot an email to support :)
    What I'm interested in is adding firewall rules to the <filter>section of the config.xml without using the WebGui.  We'd like to convert our existing rule bases over to pfsense programmatically.</filter>

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