Hardware choice for home/office upgrade

  • Hi,

    I’m new in pfsense and I look to update my home network. Checking around I found pfsense and after surfing web, YouTube, forum... I decide to try out, but my doubts is about the hardware.

    My current situation:
    Fiber optic - 600Mb
    ONT from my ISP
    Router ASUS RT-AC87u
    Qnap NAS

    1 network for all Home and office (3 mobiles, 4 PCs, 3 laptops, NAS, 2 TVs, xBox and guest WiFi)

    I would like to have separation in my network, home, office and guest. Also for my office network run a VPN just for the office.

    Found those options below:
    Minisys Intel i3 or i5 - This option I have more room to upgrade
    [link removed]

    QoTom - Intel i3, i5 or i7
    [link removed]

    Xcy - Intel i3 or i5
    [link removed]

    If somebody having one of those box or more experience with pfsense could help me to decide, I will be very gratefully.

    Best regards,

    Luis Gil

  • All of those links take me to a page that requires login on aliexpress.

    Is there any reason the official netgate solution wouldn't work for you?

    I'm not sure if the SG-3100 would work for the home, office and guest setup using the LAN and OPT1 interfaces. Not sure if the RT-AC87u setup as an access point with a separate guest login would prevent the guest users from accessing the rest of the LAN it's connected to. My feeling is it wouldn't so you might need another interface and AP for the guest if that's the case (SG-5100).

    If price is an issue, I hear good things about the apu2 platform.