Problem with DMZ traffic

  • Hello,

    I've set up traffic shaping with the wizard and I have a problems with the queues.

    I've defined LAN/WAN stuff and the upload/download rate according to the WAN interface. That's OK.

    But when have heavy traffic at the LAN/DMZ interfaces, the traffic is limited by the qlanRoot queue (10240 Kb).  I don't understand why it's the traffic being queued in the qlanRoot because there's no rule involving DMZ->LAN.

    Right now our workaround was to increase the qlanRoot bandwidth to disable the traffic shaping.

    Any pointer to a solution would be greatly appreciated.


  • Why DMZ?

    Davao City

  • The problem it's not limited to DMZ, I've just put it as example.

    The traffic is being queued in the qlanRoot without a rule involving the affected interfaces. I mean, the queues are supposed to affect only WAN->LAN and LAN->WAN, aren't they?

    I don't know if this is the correct behaviour or if we're dealing with a bug.

    Thanks you.


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