Help needed with website on pfsense network

  • Greetings all,

    I am having a little bit of difficulty here, I am trying to host one of my domains on a server on my network. I have pfsense running bare metal on one of my physical servers. I went to godaddy and changed the IP to my WAN IP. I got port 80 open and the website works fine, I want to get port 443 open, I created a rule, and am using a port checker tool but the port remains closed. Any ideas?


  • It sounds like you are trying to redirect a web site to the pfSense webgui. Look at system, advanced to change the webgui port.

  • Actually I seen that problem on another website, so lets back track here. I changed the pfsense gui to 8080 (is this safe)? And after doing that I disabled the redirect setting. But port 443 is still closed?

  • When you say it works fine on port 80, do you mean you were able to browse the website from another location via the public ip, or that some website told you the port is open?

  • I figured it out, okay sorry for this. I changed my gui port to 8080, works fine. My problem was my RHEL server didn't have a firewall rule allowing port 443. As soon as I added a rule on the box itself, the port opened. Thank you so much for your time, sorry for the stupid question. I appreciate your time, I'm sure i'll be back eventually with another stupid question.

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