Huawei me909s-120 mPCIe vs Huawei E3372h USB (LTE modems)

  • I have a 3372h which works fine, but I have to manually activate it after reboot (plug off/plug in/usbmodswitch/activate interface + edit /etc/inc/ file in order not to hang in boot)). If I replace it with something like me909s-120, which is a mPCIe card, will I avoid that and keep things more automated?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I believe that should work though I have not tested it myself.

    Although those are mPCIe form-factor they are still USB connected. It is far more difficult to remove it accidentally though and I would not expect it to require mode-switching.

    It may even be possible to use the cellular package with that to get link stats.


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