2.4.5 bugs?

  • It has been 6 days since someone posted about a bug in 2.4.5. The redmine had been quiet also. I am going to assume that all the bugs are fixed. If I am wrong please let me know what is still broken. Based on this assumption, how many days with out an issue does it take for a release? Thanks.

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    you already asked this many times and the answer is always the same, soon and not until they make an official statement about it, don't be impatience ☺

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    He is a broken freaking record... And its not like he can not test the snapshot to see if it fixes his nic issue. Not like they are going to add some magic driver at the last second before release ;)

    edit: Have you validated that the nic works with any other OSes? Have you tried it with native Freebsd? If it doesn't work in Freebsd - its not going to work in pfsense.. Maybe the nic is bad - or maybe whatever you issue is has nothing to do with the nic at all.

    VS just every few days asking when next version is going to drop... How about giving some details of what your actual problem is?

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    @techpro2004 said in 2.4.5 bugs?:

    Based on this assumption, how many days with out an issue does it take for a release?

    As many as it takes for us to ensure everything is solved and tested. There are additional issues on an internal Redmine we have, which is private and contains issues specific to Netgate hardware and the factory image.

    There is nothing to do but (a) wait and (b) test 2.4.5 yourself to see how it works for you.

    You'll know it's ready and out when we publish notices saying so. To assume anything otherwise is irrational. When the release is ready, it will be posted on the blog, forum, Reddit, other social media, etc.

  • Maybe you should get some more people working on that internal redmine?

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    There are plenty, thanks.

  • You are welcome. In that case just wondering whats the hold up?

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    It's not ready.

    /EOT. Again.

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