Cannot access webui: web ui is not supported in VSX mode

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    I installed pfsense vm (2.4.4-p3) in esxi and it seems to have both wan and lan interface configured. I tried to access the webui from the LAN side at (from another VM) and got an error "web ui is not supported in VSX mode. Please use Clish for OS configuration".

    nc -zv 443 (from LAN side) is working. All the LAN side VM can also obtained DHCP ip from pfsense. I have also restarted the webconfigurator.

    The vm console shows this

    My goal is to use pfsense as a NAT/FW for my internal network ( to access external WAN (

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    you must have something else with the same ip, that message does not come from pfsense, googled it around and that lead to some arubaOs or checkpoint switch or idk

  • You are correct. I looked at the the system.log and it is complaining about another with a different mac. I workaround the problem by using 10.x.x.x instead for LAN

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