PFsense in front of UDMP

  • Hey everyone,

    Hoping to get an insight here, I'm not a network noob (manage SonicWalls with lots of Site to site VPNs daily), but I've never really done much with PFSense and with multiple routers in this type of config.

    First I will note I am referencing this post here:
    But hoping to get some more in depth info on my use case.

    I really like having the Unifi dashboard for most everything, but the UDMP just doesn't fit my more advanced routing needs which includes good WAN load balancing (dual 1 gigbit) and some level of policy routing so I can use a specific WAN interface for specific devices (upload is only 40 meg each, so having certain servers use one, and other machines use another is a must). I have a PFSense build I am working on (4670K, 16GB RAM, 2 x 10 GB SFP+ and 2 x 1GB RJ45), but if it's possible to do what I need, I would love to have my UDMP be my main router and do my IPS but have PFSense be the front end to do the load balancing.

    Anyway, my main point of confusion is how I would do port forwarding to specific WANs, is this something PFSense can handle and if so how would I do it?

    If I am being an idiot and should just use PFSense as my main router then feel free to suggest that too, I can just use the UDMP for it's NVR, Talk , and Controller functions (or just sell it, undecided there, I have a CKG2 already anyway).

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