NUT Custom devd Rule

  • I just installed NUT and configured it with a new Tripp Lite AVR750U. It seems that Tripp Lite has changed the product ID since the most recent release of NUT: the idVendor remains 0x09ae, but usbconfig now reports idProduct = 0x3024.

    I was able to force NUT to recognize the UPS with the option productid=3024 in the "Extra Arguments to driver" field. However, NUT still did not start. Based on the discussion here and here, I decided to add a custom devd rule to fix the permissions on the device:

    $ cat /usr/local/etc/devd/nut-usb-custom.conf 
    notify 100 {
    	match "system"		"USB";
    	match "subsystem"	"DEVICE";
    	match "type"		"ATTACH";
    	match "vendor"		"0x09ae";
    	match "product"		"0x3024";  # difference from default config here
    	action "chgrp uucp /dev/$cdev; chmod g+rw /dev/$cdev";

    Everything works now, but I am unsure if this is the proper place to put it. Is there a usual pattern for adding devd rules in pfSense?

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