How to get pfsense to push DNS with OpenVPN / tunnelblick

  • I am running openvpn server on pfsense. I am using DNS resolver on pfsense, but when I connect to the openvpn server with the tunnelblick client on my mac, the DNS settings are not updated (when I do nslookup it uses instead of my firewall/DNS resolver IP). If I manually update my DNS servers after I connect, it works fine, but I cannot figure out how to get pfsense to push DNS to tunnelblick. In fact, everytime I connect, tunnelblick complains that DNS is not working and that my vpn is not configured correctly. I have configured tunnelblick to use "Set nameserver". Not sure what setting to mess with on pfsense.

  • I figured it out. It is working now.

    OpenVPN -> Servers -> Advanced Client Setttings -> DNS Server enableProvide a DNS server list to clients -> Specify list of hardcoded DNS servers

    Not sure why that is an "Advanced" Setting or why the IP needs to be hardcoded. I would think you would want it to push the DNS Resolver IP by default.

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