Two WANs, TWO LANs, One not tracking

  • I had two pfSense boxes connected to two different ISPs (Xfinity and ATT).
    Xfinity gateway is bridged and ATT gateway passthrough.
    Both WANs were getting a /64 IPv6 and the LANs tracking their WANs and the hosts connected to them, all getting their IPv6.

    Yesterday I decided to consolidate the ISPs on one box and load balance them.

    So now I have two WANs and Three LANs (one is not using or configured for IPv6).

    Both WANs are configured to DHCP and DHCP6, 64 prefix, Send IPv6 prefix hint and Do not allow PD/Address release enabled, Block private and bogon networks also checked.

    The working LAN has static IPv4 and IPv6 tracking Xfinity WAN; the not working LAN has static IPv4 and IPv6 tracking ATT WAN.

    Any ideas how I go to troubleshoot this?


  • @amello

    So open a ticket - - and was rejected asking for more information to be provided here.

    Not sure what information to provide, but on the ISPs side all is working, as with two pfSenses works without any issues. Only when consolidating to one box is that the problem appears.

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