Debugging static routes

  • Hi
    I have a pfsense with a primary connection to the internet and sitting behind a cisco firewall connect over a transport vlan/subnet
    So I have made static rules to direct traffic to the Cisco. But I cannot get all to work and I have troubles to see what is going on. In the firewall log viewer they are not seen, and if I capture the traffic i can see traffic where the source is coming from the firewall in the transport vlan and not the original source.
    Any good way to debug this and also any ideers why this is happening.

    WAN (internet)
    pfsense -> tranportvlan -> Cisco
    Multiple networks (interfaces)

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    You will need to pass the traffic from the downstream networks into the transportvlan interface.

    You will need to be sure outbound NAT is active for the same source networks if applicable.

  • Hi
    How do I pass the traffic into the transportvlan. The way I thought it should be done was with static rules. But sound like I are missing something.
    If destination eg was and the Cisco was
    The static rule was ->
    If I then tried to connect to it will go over the transportvlan.
    What more should I do?

    And thanks for the fast responds.

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    @hsv said in Debugging static routes:

    How do I pass the traffic into the transportvlan.

    Pass rules on the transportvlan interface.

    I have no idea what a static rule is.

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