ASK Configurariont Interface /29 prefix

  • Hello people,
    I'm new to PFSense and I'm reading to learn about a tool.

    My question is as follows:

    I have a dedicated internet link with a / 29 prefix. I have the public addresses available:

    The ISP's gateway is

    In the Interfaces menu, I have doubts about how to configure this link for a WAN (Internet connection interface for use on the local network).

    In Type of IPv4 configuration, check the option: Static IPV4
    IPv6 configuration type, left as none.

    In the IPv4 Address configuration, enter: and gateway

    In Firewall -> Virtual Ips, register:

    My local network is in the and range.
    There is already a WAN interface with another provider on a / 24 link, authenticated by PPPoe that is working correctly.

    My question now is:

    Is a WAN interface configuration for using a / 29 correct?
    To use this interface for navigation, how do I create or route to my internal network?

    See some explanatory drawings about the / 29 routing scenario, but the practice was unable to apply and execute.

    Add for reading and for any help.

    Big hug!

  • The WAN configuration looks correct.
    To use this interface for outbound traffic, create or edit a LAN rule and click 'display advanced' change the 'gateway' to your gateway.
    For inbound, you can select one of your virtual IPs as the Destination on a port forward.

  • Thanks dotdash for the answer.

    My firewall is not yet in production, I will test your information and I will return it soon.

    Once again, thank you for your kindness.

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