Multi-WAN & with Multiple NordVPN Connections in one box

  • I was wondering if this was possible...

    Load balancing / aggregating two connections works great, seems pretty difficult to have both of those WAN ports run a separate instance of NordVPN though (breaks down around the DNS resolver step). I'm not even sure this is possible using only one pfSense box (seems that maybe you can only run one NordVPN connection per unit). So, using 3 pfSense boxes, you could accomplish this... please correct me if i am wrong... (2 VPNs feeding into a 1 load balancing unit).

    Aside from that, I do have another project I was trying to accomplish....

    It's for my mother in Canada, who wants to be able to watch American TV while she's there. AT&T TV Now works with NordVPN, so that's perfect... only problem is things like Netflix do not work when using NordVPN on a pfSense box (since it can't use the obfuscated servers). Is there a way to run OpenVPN on a pfSense box, and then have exceptions for sites like Netflix that would revert back to the normal WAN? (no VPN).

    Thanks for any help... I know thats two questions in one... just curious if anyone out there has tried any of these things.

  • Regarding the NordVPN issue, i use 2 NordVPN connections and one VPN connection from another provider at the same time on one pfSense gateway. I have checked the "Don't pull routes" and "Don't add/remove routes" as those would be problematic with the pfSense configuration. I have not experienced any DNS resolver issues. As it is now, i only have one internet connection.

    The Netflix issue have been described in other posts using pfBlockerNG.

    Hope it helps a little.

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