Blocking Internet at Various Times and Devices

  • There are a lot of posts regarding firewall rules and scheduling. Most of them address simple configurations, and I am having a hard time applying them to my need. Here are my goals:

    At 11 PM until 6 AM, block all web browsing and streaming.
    Outside of that time block, allow everything.
    During that timeblock, also block local access to media servers, such as Plex.
    During that timeblock, allow Google IOT to continue to funtion and contact the internet.

    All of my user devices are on LAN2
    All of my IoT devices are on VLAN101
    I use mDNS Avahi service across both.

    Can someone speak to what type of rules I might need?

    Here is my LAN:

    And I tried messing around with a floating rule:

    But this doesnt work.

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