Single IP Subnet on WAN - How?

  • I'm trying to replace a Cisco RV325 Dual WAN Gigabit Router with pfSense for a client network. They have a /28 publicly routable IP subnet. The current setup is that there is 1 WAN interface on the Cisco and 1 'DMZ/WAN2' interface.

    Example: (obviously this isn't actually their public IP address. ) - Network - netmask - broadcast - usable -- WAN on Cisco/pfSense -- ISP Gateway -- PBX (Statically assigned on device, I can't change this one.)

    The Cisco's 'DMZ/WAN2' interface if you turn on DMZ I can just allow - to just be passed through on that port, so any device I have downstream on that interface I can statically assign a public IP in the available range and it just works.

    With pfSense I bridged the WAN & OPT1 interfaces and the PBX can't get out on the internet. I've tried using this page from the docs as a guide but there's something that I'm missing some where.

    alt text

    Do I have to just waste a public IP to assign to the "CARP VIP" I don't understand how that the VIP helps with the box that's connected to OPT1 interface.

    I Also looked at an actual DMZ following Jim's video from the Netgate YT channel. per his notes on the slides you have to have a separate publicly routable subnet to assign to the DMZ or you have to do 1:1 NAT where your "DMZd" devices have a private IP and then just 1:1 to an available Public IP. I only have a single public subnet.

    Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I feel like there is something that I'm missing, I thought this would be an easier problem to solve. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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