DDNS setup for cloudflare

  • Hi, I just moved my DNS from namecheap to cloudflare, but I have issue to setup DDNS on PfSense.

    For namecheap, I used to have below setup:
    NET Namecheap @.domain.com x.x.x.x
    NET Namecheap mail.domain.com x.x.x.x
    NET Namecheap *.domain.com x.x.x.x

    For cloudflare,
    NET Cloudflare mail.domain.com x.x.x.x
    NET Cloudflare @.domain.com x.x.x.x

    I am trying to set the same for cloudflare but not able to create wildcard *.domain.com, it says invalid hostname. Is there anyone know how to setup * as hostname for cloudflare?

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