Cannot find out how to make an internal IP address only recieve infomation from 1 ISP on a load balanced/failover setup

  • I am terribly sorry if this has been posted here somewhere however I didn’t exacly know how to ask the question so here goes,

    I have 2 uk ISP 1 is Virgin Media and the other is Talk Talk I have sucessfully bonded the 2 together in PFsense however I have a small glitch that I know is Rule/Nat based but can’t seem to find the relative infomation to solve it.

    I have Virgin Media TV service which I used to watch Youtube through using the app it worked fine using failover for years however now for somereason it stopped working and nothing now works on the Virgin V6 tv box that requires internet. I have connected the V6 tv box through WIFi directly to their Router and it works flawlessly. This however is something I don’t want to do permenently as I have setup the a totally seperate wifi which is secure and I prefer to turn off all wifi on both of the incoming routers.

    So my question is what is the rule to make the Virgin ISP go through pfsense to my TV boxes internal IP address and totally bypass the loadbalanced gateway as from what i can gather it is the fact it is jumping from 1 ISP to the other and it really doesn’t like using Talktalks services for their tv.

    I really hope this makes sense to some one I am very happy to provide what ever info I have missed out

    Thanks In Advance

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Create a pass rule on the interface that the TV box is connected to.

    Put it at the top.

    Limit the source address to the IP address of the TV box.

    Set the gateway to the WAN you want connections from that host to egress on.

    Have a cocktail.

  • @Derelict excellent will try that later and let you know 👍

  • Have a cocktail.

    Done and Done Much appreciated

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