Maximal openvpn p2s connections

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    Due to the spread of corona virus , i ask , what is the maximal number of connection via P2S openvpn, in the same time ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no limit from the software. The only limit is your hardware. The primary limitation will be total throughput. Secondary to that will be RAM since each user connection will require more memory. We don't have any definitive quantification of those values, however. OpenVPN may have them published somewhere.

    Also for remote access VPNs with user authentication, the pfSense user manager isn't geared well toward large numbers of users. For that kind of scenario, consider using an authentication server. FreeRADIUS on pfSense may be slightly better here, but optimally it would be an authentication server behind the firewall on another device. Something using FreeRADIUS backed by a database (e.g. DaloRADIUS) or LDAP (e.g. slapd), AD, etc.

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