Problems with pfSense + Icecast Server

  • Hi guys, please I need someone to shed some light on the problem I have right now, I explain:

    Since recently I am configuring a new server that has a virtual environment (Proxmox) where inside this Proxmox server I have mounted a pfSense that is configured and installed with the steps indicated in the official documentation (Two interfaces: 1 LAN for internal communication of the Proxmox VMs and servers / hosts with an ip in the range (subnet 2), and 1 WAN that goes from the pfsense, passing through the WAN of the Proxmox server and finally reaches the ISP router with an ip of the range (subnet 1)).
    And besides the pfsense I also have in Proxmox several mounted virtual machines / servers (All these servers are behind the pfsense with subnet 2). Among those virtual servers is an installed Icecast server (it is a server for streaming / streaming music online) with the ip

    The case is that when I access the icecast website from a web browser on a Windows computer that is within subnet 2 ( of the proxmox it works perfectly, the Icecast server status page is displayed (all correct up to here), however if I try this incorrect operation from a Windows machine that is inside subnet 1 ( I am not shown the Icecast server status page, but if I try to ping from any machine from subnet 1 with ip of range to icecast server ip if resolved correctly. So I suspect that it may be a port problem but I am not sure because I have been messing around and testing things for several days but I was not successful, and I am not very advanced in these things because I am learning in this world.

    I attach a topological map of the systems that I have installed to expand the information and clarify any aspect.

    I hope you can help me please.
    Thank you.


  • Netgate Administrator

    How do you have pfSense configured here? Is it just routing between those subnets? Is there any NAT happening?

    What is the default gateway clients in the 192.168.1.X subnet?

    Does that have a static route to 10.10.1.X via the pfSense WAN IP?

    It sounds like you have some asymmetric routing happening. You may see blocked traffic in the pfSense firewall log if so.


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