Impossible to encode value '' from type 'NULL'

  • Exception calling XMLRPC method restore_config_section # Impossible to encode value '' from type 'NULL'. No analogous type in XML_RPC

    Each time I make a config change I get this error twice, and nothing else. Can you please tell me where to look in the log to find out more details and which elements might be causing this? I don't know when it actually started. Sync WAS working fine a few days ago.

    SYNC interface is a separate physical port direct connected, with rules on both sides to allow all. And it worked. But now it doesn't. .....


  • OK forget it. I was messing around and disabled, then re-enabled guest interface on both primary and secondary and problem is now gone. I can't explain why, but ..... woohooo!

    mods, you can close or outright delete this thread!


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