Need Help with DNS Bypass for a Specific Computer

  • Do that NAT Port Forwarding rules work from the top down?

    I have these 2 NAT port forwarding rules. The bottom rule redirects all DNS requests on my home network and forces them to use the DNS server that Pfsense uses. I am attempting to bypass the bottom rule for a single computer with the rule on top, but I'm not having any luck. Any ideas? Sorry for the odd line wrapping.

    Interface    Protocol	Source 	Source   Dest. Address      Dest.
    		        Address Ports	                    Ports
    WAN__PORT_1   TCP/UDP	  *	  *	WAN__PORT_1 address 53 (DNS)
    LAN_BRIDGE_0  TCP/UDP	  *       *	        *           53 (DNS)
    -----------------------	53 (DNS)	53 (DNS)

    Thank you!

  • If you’re using DHCP on pfsense, you can specify a static IP lease for this particular computer. After you do that, on the settings page for that particular computer, you can set whatever DNS servers you want it to use.

    You don’t have to use firewall rules to do this.


  • I am using a DCHP assigned static lease on that computer; so, it has a static IP. I do have that computer assigned to at the computer level which is different to what I have the router enforcing on the bottom rule. However, I don't think my top rule is correct. In the top rule I am attempting to bypass the bottom rule. I thought that these rules stopped going from the top down once the conditions on one of the rules were met. Any ideas? Thank you!

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