IPSec Mobile to an other network IPSEC

  • Good morning, sir,

    Here is the network diagram of my infrastructure:


    Network 1 --> Network 2 OK
    Network 1 --> Network 3 NO
    Network 2 --> Network 3 OK

    Network 2 --> Network 1 OK
    Network 3 --> Network 1 NO
    Network 3 --> Network 2 OK

    Is it possible to create a phase 2 that mentions access to Network 1 through the normal IPSec tunnel?

    Network 3 = Mobile it created by Pfsense of network 2

  • Yes, its possible.
    You need to keep an eye on the IP networks you provide to the mobile clients.
    Check here for further details:
    Mobile Config
    and Site to site Tunnel:
    S2S with multiple Networks
    Unfortunately in German but Google Translator is your friend here.

  • @lfoerster

    Network 1 =
    Network 2 =
    Network 3 =

    I can change the network 3 address range but it might be complicated for the others.

    The method presented in the link you sent me is impossible with such different network addresses right? " 192 and 172"

    I check with network captures, pfsense of network 2 receives the ping to go up to network 1 but does not send it back in the ipsec tunnel so does not arrive at destination.

    I think I need NAT or a route that says "Source: ; Destination:; Send in tunnel.

  • The guy at administrator.de has posted a full solution to your design:
    Client VPN with 2 networks

  • @lfoerster

    Thank you very much, that's perfect.
    Everything works perfectly!
    I still had to do an "f-route" as administrator to make it work.
    As well as a reboot of my "client" machine, of the Ipsec service but also of each tunnel.

    You are an extraordinary person, thank you very much.

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