Need help with an emergency setup for VPN to domain with vLans

  • As I am sure alot of people are doing now I need to fire up a secure VPN so some of our employees can work from home. I am looking for some help to get it running. Here is what we have and what I need to figure out..

    Current network;
    3 vLans (1,100,200) for gerenal, dept 1 and dept 2
    Domain for AD access
    ubiquiti edgeMax router to issue DHCP per vLan

    I have a static public IP I've assigned to PFsense to be used solely for VPN

    I can setup OpenVPN but what I can't figure out is

    1. Join domain
    2. based on user login assign the vLAN tag to the connection
    3. Be assigned an IP from the DHCP server of your vLAN

    Can anyone help me get started or point me in the right direction?

  • I think you need a radius server to put you in a vlan. You can use freeradius with pfsense.

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