Significant IPsec VTI interface out errors

  • Happy Friday to all,

    I have two SG-5100's connected via a routed IPSEC connection. Sites are about 7000 miles apart and I get roughly 214ms latency. IPSEC connection establishes and is stable. I set the VTI gateway for my laptop and everything works fine...I am able to view websites, stream media, etc with no problems. I am sitting at Site B and routing through Site A. On my side, I have no errors on the Site B side, however, on Side A, there are a large number of errors out on the VTI interface. I'm trying to figure out why but really am out of my element as far as how to troubleshoot this. Google searches haven't really yielded anything I can translate to my issue. Is there any one who can help get me pointed in the right direction for this? Happy to provide more details if needed. Anyone have any pointers? Thanks in advance!

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