Problem with VOIP (Avaya PBX behind firewall, SIP app on smartphones outside)

  • I am having trouble getting Avaya OneX app on smartphones working with my Avaya PBX. I have all of the ports open for the PBX and voice mail server and can see traffic, but the connection is not working. I see lots of tutorials about VOIP and NAT mode causing issues but I don't believe I'm in the same boat. In all cases in the other posts and in all the tutorials on various websites, all of them are dealing with multiple SIP adapters behind the firewall accessing an internet side VOIP service provider. My case is reversed... I have mobile phones out in the world trying to access PBX and voicemail server behind my firewall, so I don't want to change anything and break other stuff in network that is working fine.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So only the mobile clients are failing?

    Do they connect direct or over VPN?

    How do they fail? No connections at all? Nothing logged at either end?


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