Guarante bandwith for 2 LAN Each

  • Hello, im sharing my internet conection with a neiborng, i have 4mbps simetric conection, i share 1mbps to my neigborn, im triying to configurin a QoS where i can have my 4mbps when my neigborn is not using your conection (sleeps time Ex.)

    my setup is with 3 NIC
    1 WAN
    1 My LAN
    1 My Neigborn LAN

    i already done this with PRIQ and some limiters, limiting him to 1mbps and put him in level 5 of the PRIQ and every moment he needs his speed he get them, but when he is not using it i can download at 4mbps.

    But i want to do it the good way with HSFC

    i already configure the HSFC on each NIC but when i download something my pc get 4mbps even if my neigborn is using the conection.

    i already configure his queue with real time with 70% to at least give him his 70% of 1mbps but nothing happen, he get almost 10kb and i get all 4mbps

    i dont know if im doing something wrong or Pfsense cant work nice wit HSFC on dual LAN's

    if you need to see something i can get some images.


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